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Tahltan Language

Morning Conversation

The second step to learning to speak Tałtan is to become totally familiar with the unfamiliar syllables of the new language while continuing to build an arsenal of basic conversational phrases that make up sentences.

  • Thus, the main objective of this section is to learn and practice Tałtan syllables while learning conversational phrases at the most basic level.

To get the most out of this section it is important to fully understand the individual letters, their corresponding articulation and the example words and simple phrases from the previous lesson.

The best way to begin learning a new language is to practice the unfamiliar words/syllables and articulations alone by softly repeating to yourself the words and phrases that go with your daily activities.

As you learn new words pay particular attention to the articulations and syllables that are problematic for you, then isolate them and practice them independently. Practice them until they become second nature, because they will surface again as you make progress.

When you are comfortable with the correct pronunciation(s) begin using the new language with those who know the language, your partner, children and/or fellow students. This form of daily exercise begins the communication process at the very on-set of learning. Using the language encourages the student and builds enthusiasm for further development.

Patience, discipline and determination will bring about success, but remember stumbling, jumbling and making mistakes are a natural part of learning a second language and more practice always makes perfect!

Don't be afraid to make mistakes - mistakes are a natural part of learning a new language. Babies make lots of mistakes when they begin speaking a new language!

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