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Tahltan Language

K'ilā (Bear-lake Billy)

Currently around the planet indigenous languages are dying at a very rapid rate due to the imposition of the colonial language's (English) dominant presence in all aspects of education and the popular media. Tałtan is no exception and today, after 150 years of the colonial presence on our lands, our language has been reduced to roughly 2% speakabilty by the twenty (20) or so individuals left alive who learned to speak it as children. Language is ’Culture’ - the loss of our language is the loss of our culture!

The purpose of this website is to address the loss of our language by making available to the Tałtan community a simple step-by-step digital online language teaching program that can be used at home and in the classroom. 

The program is formatted to begin the learning process by:

1.) Becoming familiar with the Na-Dene language

2.Learning the Tałtan Articulations, Alphabet and the Writing System.

3.) Practicing the Tałtan words and verb-phrases while learning daily basic communicational sentences. 

With this approach; the first step for the student would be to learn the writing system, the second step would be to begin communicating in accordance with daily activities. For example, after learning to read and write, the first practical communication phrase the student would learn is directly focused on awakening in the morning, ‘How did you sleep?’ ‘I slept well” etc. This would move on to bathroom activities, then cooking, then breakfast and so on and so-forth throughout the day.

It is easy to get intimidated when learning a second language, therefore, the lessons are kept short and simple so as not to overwhelm the participants with too much information at once - this approach makes the short-term goals easily attainable.

This practicle program is designed to be user-friendly for people without formal training in linguistics and it makes Tałtan accessible to anyone who's willing to begin learning to speak.

The content of this website can be ustilized in conjunction with the iBook ’The Tahltan Pronoun’ available for download on iTunes at:

Tałtan Language Program
Tahltan Central Government
PO Box 69
Tatl’ah (Dease), BC VOC 1L0
Phone: (250) 771-32274

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