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Tahltan Language


Task One: Awakening

Practice these sentences and upon awakening in the morning repeat them several times to yourself and when you are comfortable use it with your partner and children. For pronunciation reference click the speaker icon next to the Tahltan phrase.

a.)  Duda yin-te’i (How you slept?) 

b.)  Soga yis-te’ (Good, I slept.)

c.)  Edū soga, yis-te’ (No good, I slept.) 

Then move on to the next task and do the same continuing this practice throughout the day. After a while these words become thoughts and you begin thinking in Tałtan.

Task Two: Bathroom

This one's for the children and it can be used anytime and/or place. It is especially useful when traveling and in public places.

a.) Dīn-lesā (Are you gonna pee?)

b.) E dēs-tl’es (Yes, I’m gonna pee.)

c.) Duwe, edū dēs-tl’es (No, I’m not gonna pee.)

Task Three: Washing

a.) Es-ni’ gatadēs’ots (My face, I am gonna wash.)

b.) En-ni’ gatan’ots (your face, you go wash.)

c.) E-dīn-tsetla (Are you gonna eat?)

d.) E edēs-tsetl (yes, I’m gonna eat.)

e.)  Duwe, edu edēs-tsetl 
(No, not I’m gonna eat.)

Learn these phrases and sentences and then practice the individual parts with a partner. Make arrangements with a fellow student and practice the conversation by switching roles.

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