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Tahltan Language
Task One: Cooking

For this lesson we’ll have multiple options depending on the situation. If you cook your own meal you can say:

a.) E·ghē·ze des-t’es (Eggs, I am going to cook).

While you are cooking the eggs you can say:

b.)  E·ghē·ze es-t’es (Eggs, I’m cooking).

And when you’re done you can say:

c.) E·ghē·zge si-t’eh (Eggs, I cooked).

Task Two: Cooking continued

If you are not the cook you can ask:

a.)  Yeda dīn-t’esi (What are you going to cook?).

b.)  E·ghē·ze des-t’es (Eggs, I am going to cook).

Or if the 2nd person is in the process of cooking you ask:

c.) Yeda en-t’ezi (What are you cooking?).

The focus here is to learn the words for ‘cooking’ therefore it is ok to substitute the Tałtān word 'eggs' for other English words such as, bacon, porridge, potatoes etc. Don’t worry about the Tałtan words for whatever you are actually cooking - use English words if you have to until we can learn the Tałtān translations later.

Learn these phrases and sentences and then practice the individual parts with a partner. Make arrangements with a fellow student and practice the conversation by switching roles.

Tense Forms:
In linguistic terms 1st Person refers to the me/I concept. In this regard ‘I” or ’me’ is the subject. For example:

des-t’es - I’m gonna cook (future tense).

es-t’es - I’m cooking (present tense)

si-t’eh - I cooked (past tense)

2nd person example: In this case you are the subject.

dīn-t’es - you’re gonna cook.

en-t’ezi - you’re cooking 

sin-t’eh - you cooked.

These groups of words are refered to as forms. This is just a sample. We will cover forms later.

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