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Tahltan Language


Task One: Awakening

Drinking tea and coffeeis a major part of Tahltan culture therefore it is only fitting to cover a tea cobversation.

Eve: Knock! Knock! Knock!

Eve enters her mother's house. Here you can refer to previous lessons for greetings Lesson 5: Task one. or phone conversation Lesson One.

a.) Eve:Di·ghi in-t’i·nā - (Tea, do you have?)

Mother answers while pointing toward the cupboard.

b.) Ets̱en’mā (mom):Ē, di·ghi is-t’in. E·dji - (Yes, tea (unmade) I have. Right there.)

c.) Eve:So·ga! dah-da·ga di·ghi a·dēs·lił - (Good, us for, tea I’m gonna to make)

d.) Ets̱en’mā:Ē, me·duh! - (Okay, thanks!)

Task two: General gossip

Conversations regarding cultural activities are common in everyday life to update and be updated on the current state of affairs. Here we’ll engage in a conversation about hunting.

a.) Ets̱en’mā (mom):En-ga·li·ne e·di·da - (Your husband, where is?)

b.) Eve:E u·we·ts’i·kē·di ki·me ho·ts’i’·desh·yā - (Store he went to)

c.) Ets̱en’mā:Me·da ye’eł desh·ya - (Who he with went?)

d.) Eve:Bob ye’eł desh·ya - (Bob, with him, he went)

e.) Ets̱en’mā:Khu·sā ku·ji e'ena·dītł - (Must be now he’s gonna start! As in starting an alcoholic binge)

f.) Eve:Du·we! Edū e'ena·dītł ye·nes̱·ẕen - (No! He won’t start, I think)

Task Three: Third person conversation

a.) Ets̱en’mā (mom):Du·da a·ha·da·t’ī·li(What they gonnna do?)

b.) Eve:Khu·sā dā·nā ka·ha·des·t’azi - (Must be they going to get money)

c.) Ets̱en’mā:Ku·ji k’at - (ALREADY! This phrase is an exppression of intolerance - if you listen to the aduio you can hear the expression in the drawl.)

d.) Eve:E·du·t‘e·ge łi·ty·da·lēł - (Shells they gonnna buy)

Ets̱en‘ma:De‘ē·da eji·hi·da·detłi - (Where they gonna hunt?)

f.) Eve:Tl‘a·bā·ne ho·ts’i’ ye·nes̱·ẕen - (Klappan to, I think) 

g.) Ets̱en’mā:Dū·li ke·dā ne·ts̱ehni hi·s̱e·khīn - (I wish fat moose they kill)

In the meantime Bob and Adam were stalking a fat young bull moose, the velvet was still on its horn. (Ets̱en’mā wish was coming into fruition.)

Learn these phrases and sentences and then practice the individual parts with a partner. Make arrangements with a fellow student and practice the conversation by switching roles.



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