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Tahltan Language


Task One: Family Child Interaction

The mother’s bond with her child is the first and most important part in a child’s development so in this section we will introduce mother-child interaction.

After Adam loads the stove, Eve enjoys the warmth of their home when her niece knocks on their door with her kids; a toddler holding her hand and a baby in her arm.
Tatiana: KnockKnock! Knock!

a.) Eve: Yan·dā! - (Enter, or come-in).

b.) Tatiana: E·dē, du·da an·t’e. - (Aunty, how you doing’?)
Edē actually means - my mothers sister. We use a different term for our fathers sister.
c.) Eve: Soga! Es-tu’e en-dō·ne tse·dle es-ghān·le.    (
Good! My-daughter (neice) your baby, pass him to me). In Tahltan culture the sistrer can refer to her sisters children as her own.

d.) Tatiana:
Ē, na’e ni·ni·te - (Okay, here take him).

e.) Eve:
Du·da an·t’ī·ni? - (What are you doing’?

f.) Tatiana: En-ghah ses·da. - (I sit by you, or I visit you).

g.) Eve:
En-ga·lī·ne du·da a·t’ē? - (Your husband, how is he doing’?

h.) Tatiana:
Es-ga·lī·ne so·ga a·t’ē. - (My-husband good he’s doing) 

Eve holds the baby up while bouncing him and singing a love song in Tałtan…

i.) Eve: Bō·se ti’e nah.  - (Boss, pretty, really)
This phrase can be sung repeatedly to form a song.

Task Two: Bathroom Activities

Eve plays with the baby and acknowledges the toddler then tells the mother...

a.) Eve: Es-chā e·da·tl’et anes̱ẕen.
- ( My-grandchild gonna poop, I think).
 In Tahltan culture the mother’s sister can refer to her sisters grandchildren as her own.

Then Eve turns to ask the toddler…

b.) Eve: E·dīn·tl’e·dā? - (Are you gonna poop?)

c.) Toddler: Ē e·des·tl’eł. - (Yes I’m gonna poop).

After the toddler defecates Eve helps the child. Then they both return to the living room, seeing Adam holding and bouncing the baby singing his love song.

d.) Adam: Es-chā, es-chā, es-chā  (repetedly) - (sing - My-grandchild, my-grandchild, my-grandchild).

Task three: Diaper Changing

Here we’ll cover urinating and diaper change.

As Adam held the baby he notices a sagging from the baby’s diaper.

a.) Adam: E·lets, yi·tsā i·ts̱·o·kān ts’ał in·ā·te. - (S/he pee, put dry Whiteman diapers on him).

b.) Tatiana: Es-chi·me es-ghān·te. - (My-son, give him to me).

Tatiana commences to change the diaper and notice her baby's diaper-bag is out of her reach, she asks her aunt…

c.) Tatiana: E es-chi·me gweł es-ghān·ti. - (That my-son's bag (full), pass it to me).

Tatiana changes her baby’s diapers.

Learn these phrases and sentences and then practice the individual parts with a partner. Make arrangements with a fellow student and practice the conversation by switching roles.

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