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Tahltan Language
 CHAPTER TWO: Lesson 3
Task One: Eating

a.)  Yeda en-tse-dzi (What are you eating?).

b.)  E·ghe·ze es-tsets (eggs, I am eating). 

Task Two: Eating continued

a.)  es·chi·me en-tsets (My son you-eat!).

b.)  es-tu’e en-tsets (My daughter you-eat!).

c.)  es-tsets (I’m eating).

d.)  Soga es-tsēt (Well/good, I ate).

Task Three: Possessives

In Tałtan we have three possessives. Possessives are syllables added to words to signify the ‘his/hers’, ‘yours’ and ‘mine’ concept. So far we have utilized two.

They are:

a.)  es- is the 1st person possessive and it makes it mine, or me - es- bede (my-food) and es-tsets (I’m eating).

b.)  en- is the 2nd  person possessive and it makes it yours - en- bede (my-food) and en-tsets (you eating).

c.)  me- is the 3rd person possessive and it makes it his/hers – me-bede (his/her-food) and me-tsets (she/she eating).

 Learn these phrases and sentences and then practice the individual parts with a partner. Make arrangements with a fellow student and practice the conversation by switching roles.

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