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Tahltan Language


Task One: Installing the Tałtān Keyboard

In Tałtan there are more individual articulations than there are in English. In Tałtan there are 42 symbols that represent each sound. Because there are more sounds in the Tałtan language 'special characters', that are not on the standard ’English’ keyboard, are needed in order to write.

There are are two (2) options to finding and using the special characters needed to write in Tałtan.
The first and simplest way to write with a word processor (MS Word etc) is to go to ’special characters’ in the Finder Main Menu. To do this you must:

1.) Open a blank MS Word document.
2.) Click desktop to restore 'Finder'.
3.) Click 'edit' in the Finder menu and select 'Special Character'.
4.) 'Special Character' window will open.
5.) Choose 'A Latin' from side menu.
6.) Choose desired character.

The second option is a little more complicated, but a much better option. This involves installing a Tałtān keyboard from The Language Geek website. To do this you can go to: 

Once on the Language Geek website choose according to your preference - Mac, or PC. The instructions on how to install the software onto your computer, but here’s how you do it for a Mac:

1.) Click on the ’Keyboard’ section.
Scroll down to the second list of FN Names listed ’Athabascan, Roman Orthography (Latin Script).
Now scroll down this list until you come to ’Tałtan’ and click to download.
Once download unzip. (Some computers will automatically unzip, but if it doesn’t go the instruction on the website.
Once unzipped it will look like a snall white Lego piece. 
Open hard-drive and ’click’ on the library folder.
In the ’Library folder’ you will find a folder labeled ’Keyboard Layout’. Take the ’white Lego’ icon and drop it in the ’Keyboard Layout folder’.
Shut down your computer and re-start.
Go to ’System preference’ and click on the keyboard icon.
Once opened click ’Input Source’ and a list of languages would come up - choose ’Tałtan’ from the list and 
activate the ’Show keyboard in Menu bar option. Then close window.
Now look to the right on the desktop ’Menu Bar and you will see a Canadian, or a US Flag icon. Click the flag icon and a menu would open giving you a choice of keyboard options. Choose ’Tałtan’.

If all went well you should now have an ’official Tałtan keyboard’ installed!


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